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Path OF SOULS (2013)
A grieving widow embarks on a spiritual journey across Native North America to complete her dead husband's thesis. Along the 
way, she encounters traditional elders who tell her about quantum mechanics, dark matter, wormholes and parallel universes.
2013 Cannes Film Festival - Perspective Canada at La Marché du Film  
(Official Selection)

2012 American Indian Film Festival, San Francisco 
(Best Director)

2012 Cowichan International Aboriginal Film Festival, Duncan, British Columbia 
(Best Picture)

2012 Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival 
(Best Director)

Directed by
Jeremy Torrie

Jeremy Torrie

Adam Beach ... executive producer
Jim Compton ... executive producer

Robert Rodriguez..executive producer
Kevin Hicks ... co-producer
Chris Rudolph ... line producer
Corey Sevier ... executive producer
Jeremy Torrie ... executive producer
Jeremy Torrie ... producer
D. Daniel Vujic ... associate producer

Adam Beach ... Jon Beardsley

Laura Harris ... Grace Hudson 
Lorne Cardinal ... Dave Courchene

Nathaniel Arcand ... Leroy Littlebear
Russell Badger ... Tobasonakwut
Gary Farmer ... Eddie Benton



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