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Filming Live-Action & CG Content for 3D TV & Cimena

Stereoscopic 3D Film Production - Filming Live-Action & CG Content for 3D TV & CinemaAmerican United Entertainment is a leading 3D Stereoscopic Global Film & Television Production expert with unrivalled experience producers. We are producing 3D ground-breaking 3D productions and are using the latest technologies from Real D , Dolby® 3D Digital Cinema, Sony & Panasonic 3D Full HD.


3D Stereoscopic content adds depth, realism and a "wow" factor to any production. Combined with traditional production values, stereoscopic 3D provides an opportunity to take the moving image to another level of realism and immersion. American United Entertainment the leading technology and production expert in all aspects of stereoscopic 3D with unrivalled experience in live and non-live stereoscopic production.



American United Entertainment Strategic Technology Partners were behind:



  • Films

    Toy Story 3
    Shrek Forever After
    Clash of the Titans
    Kenny Chesney: Summer in 3D
    How to Train Your Dragon
    Alice in Wonderland
    Disney's A Christmas Carol
    The Nightmare Before Christmas
    Toy Story Double Feature
    Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
    The Final Destination
    Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
    Monsters vs. Aliens

  • Keane Live 3D Webcast: the first of its kind, from Abbey Road. Multi-camera HD OB to web, 3D digital cinema and first ever 3D transmission on Sky's TV network. Five 3D camera positions including 3 motorised mirror rigs in a production conceived in 2008.

  • Don Giovanni: Live 3D transmission of Handle's Opera from Rennes to 5 cinema locations across France. This was the first multi-cinema 3D transmission in Europe and the first with a paying audience. This project was commissioned by Orange (part of France Telecom) and was the second collaborative project with the French Broadcaster and Can Communicate (one of our production partners) in 2009. The first being a live football transmission of Lyon vs. Paris St Germain earlier in the year.

  • Six Nations Rugby 2008: The World's first live sattellite 3D Transmission with the BBC. Nonimated for a pretigious RTS Innovation award. A test transmission to an invited audience.

  • Usain Bolt's record breaking 150m sprint in Manchester 2009. Became the UK's first 3D digital cinema advert which went out before Ice Age 3.

We work closely with production partners to provide access to full solutions and expertise required for successful stereo 3D productions. The options and workflow for 3D content creation/aquisition can be confusing as there are many considerations and techniques available depending on subject matter and the type of 3D display for which it is destined. American United Entertainment provides full solutions:


3D Live-Action Production (using dual-camera rigs, from HD (3DVidRig) to 2K (3DVidRig2K) and beyond. We work with a wide range of cameras)




  • Specialist 3D equipment (3D camera mounts, including side-by-side and mirror 3D rigs and a wide range of 3D monitoring).

  • Consultancy - 3D Experience with top 3D technologies for tailored solutions, have strong relationships with all the major suppliers of 3D equipment, along with unparalleled 3D technical know-how.

  • Expertise (stereographers, 3D technical production, stereo consultancy, camera/rig design, training).

  • Post production (3D optimisation/finishing/fixing, 2K 3D online suite, mastering for digital cinema).

  • Screening - wide range of 3D projection and 3D TV productions. Also installation, for client sites.


3D Computer Generated Production (CGI)

  • Production

  • Training

  • Software Tools, 3D Display Equipment (with and without glasses)

Live 3D Event Transmission

  • Technical architecture design and consultancy for live 3D transmission (one of the few companies in the World that has done this on several occasions).

  • Complete satellite or IP multi-camera live event transmission with broadcast partners.

  • Encode and transmission to digital cinema, 3D TV and web-casting. HD 3D archiving.

  • Unrivaled expertise in Global (stereographers, 3D technical production, stereo consultancy, camera/rig design). We were the technical 3D brains behind the Six Nations 3D transmission with the BBC and Keane's 3D webcast.

  • Supervision of all aspects of stereoscopic broadcast and provision of 3D camera and monitoring gear.

  • 3D equipment rental and sales (e.g. StereoBrain Processor, 3D mirror and side-by-side rigs, and 3D monitoring).


Recording Live-Action Stereoscopic 3D content creation involves using two cameras to capture the left and right eye images. American United Entertainment have many years' experience developing and using stereo video equipment, including simple side-by-side minicam rigs to fully motorised mirror rigs. Shooting with two cameras instead of one can complicate the production and post-production process but with AUE's guidance, this won't be prohibitively complex or costly.


American United Entertainment take a flexible approach to 3D production - we can produce the entire piece - providing 3D-experienced crew and equipment for the productions, post-production and deployment. Alternatively we can simply provide expertise (i.e. a 3D supervisor/stereographer) and/or equipment to handle the 3D elements of a shoot.


Stereoscopic Computer Generated (CGI) or animated content creation can be handled using industry standard animation packages. Considerations for 3D should usually be made early on in the storyboard stages to optimize 3D effects. American United Entertainment partners have an in-house creative team experienced in all aspects of 3D CGI content production. The basic principle is that two separate renders are created, each from a slightly different camera position to create the 3D effect.



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