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American United Entertainment is a entertainment company with divisions in production, finance, film and television. We are committed to deliver spectacular entertainment that is setting new standards in the entertainment industry. The company is lead by a team of experienced top equity finance executives, Hollywood producers and writers. American United Entertainment`s mission is to produce top quality, state-of-the-art and commercial viable motion pictures and television programs.

Our access to capital resources, equity funds and high-quality projects gives us a step ahead of our competition, as we strive to become an entertainment industry leader. Our company produces, finances, and distributes film and television projects throughout the world, retaining control of foreign rights while obtaining domestic theatrical releases by major studios. American United Entertainment, LLC. is a Venture Partner of Northern United Film and Media

American United Entertainment is diversifying itself with a broad portfolio of motion pictures and television projects. All projects are produced or co-produced by American United Entertainment in-house producers, as well major studios producers with established track records. Projects are developed and funded using American United Entertainment film and television financing models and are sold domestically and internationally.














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