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Business Strategy

American United Entertainment staff has years of experience working with major studios, independent films, television and media companies. With our experienced staff, we are able to create financial and distribution business models for our projects that determine pin point profitability. We strive to mitigate financial risk and deliver profits for all of our investors and partners in every sector of our cross platform business models.

American United Entertainment produces four different categories of films and television projects, each focused on distinct market sectors:

  • Higher budget, high-concept, studio-released "event" feature films

  • High budget, high-concept, television projects

  • Mid range budget, story and talent driven "independent" film and television

  • Lower budget, high-quality feature films and television projects, with recognizable talent


Selling Our film to the Global market film festivals

  • Canne
  • AFM
  • Berlin
  • Toronto
  • Sundance



  • Development
  • Pre-Production
  • Principle Photography
  • Post-Production


Our team of professional managers have broad and extensive experience in the motion picture industry. Their dedication in capitalizing global media market opportunities is fueled by the increasing worldwide demand for media, motion pictures and television programming. Our Management team allows us to maintain and define, risk-averse strategies, control costs, find and develop quality projects, mitigate financial risk, and maximize returns across the board, establishing American United Entertainment as a profitable competitor in the media industry.


The cost of producing motion pictures has risen dramatically due primarily to the increase in "above the line" costs( the fees paid to actors, directors, writers and producers for their services.) In today's environment, where above-the-line costs of a production can be as large as the below-the-line costs (actual physical production costs), and where talent can sometimes be secured only with a formal offer, it is vital to find projects in which talent are willing to defer their fees. American United Entertainment is actively developing projects and scripts, which appeal to such talent. We create structures that provide them an opportunity to receive a percentage of the film's profits in lieu of up-front costs

Cost Control

Our experience gives us the knowledge to implement stringent production cost-controls. We apply a disciplined strategic approach to our business and production cost models. Our operations are governed by a strict low cost approach and prudent risk management and we operate as a lean and tightly controlled organization.

Film Concepts, Television Projects, and Scripts

American United Entertainment has established relationships with studios, agencies, screenwriters, independent producers, directors and actors. These relationships allow us earliest possible access to concepts, projects and scripts with the highest profitable potential. 


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